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Top 10 Benefits of SEO for Fashion Brands

Fashion marketing is changing and it is changing very fast.  People are now opting for online shopping rather than walking into a brick & mortar store. If you are a fashion designer or own a fashion brand than it is important for you to establish a strong presence on online domain.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is really important for  fashion brands who want to go online.   Fabusse as an online fashion agency knows the importance of SEO so we are going to share  top 10 benefits of SEO for fashion brands.

1- SEO brings in more organic web traffic

This is a huge boost for fashion brands trying to establish their presence in online domain. Not only SEO boost your website traffic but it also delivers organic traffic.

2- Increase Your Business Sales and Leads

Fashion brands who are looking to sell their products online and set up e-commerce websites or online shops SEO is a must have for them. With proper content and keywords SEO helps to bring in people who are looking for the products you are selling.  Once you work with proper keywords in your fashion niche then you can expect quality traffic and proper lead.

3- SEO offers Long-term Benefits

Let’s make it clear one thing – this is not a fast car race and you will get instant result. SEO is a continuous process and it take at least 5 to 7 momnths to see your website on the first page of Google  as the basis of given keywords. Once it comes to the forefront  your fashion brands will ripe the benefits for longer period of time.

4- Build your Fashion brand’s credibility and trust through SEO

Remember one thing, if your fashion brand is searchable in Google that means search engine of Google  ( and of course other search engines also ) thinks that you are real and relevant. Moreover your brand will surely  offer useful and genuine content to your target customers. So, different practices like creation of backlinks, optimizing on-page content, identifying broken links, improving user experience for your website will generate more trust and credibility along side visibility.

5- Affordable and Measurable

Irrespective of your fashion brand’s size SEO can offer you help. Budget can be customized and plan can be done in such a way that it won’t create a big hole in your pocket, Moreover, you can measure  the ranking progress as per the keywords easily.  Remember selections of keywords are really important.

6- SEO Boosts Your Social Media Followers

Good organic traffic for your website  means more involvement of your shoppers. If your website integrates all your social media platforms that means you will get good quality social  media  followers also.

7- Visitors will spend more time on your site

If your fashion website is appearing on the first page of Google search  then people tend to trust the site and will spend more time on your site ( which will again help in SEO). Moreover. If your site is well linked  internally with other pages of your site and externally with related websites that will also create more visibility.

8- Enhance Mobile User Experience

SEO  makes it easier for mobile users  who browse your site ( provided the site built in a mobile-friendly manner) which will also help to build the trust of your target shoppers.  Today’s search engine favours those websites that are adapted to mobile versions. 

9- Your Fashion Brand will Stand Out in internet

As per one report, more than 44% of clicks come from the first page of Google. So, if you are not in the first page you are not only losing  your potential customers or shoppers but also staying way  behind from your competitors.  SEO helps you to stay ahead in the competition.

10- Investing in SEO means securing your fashion brand’s future

Online and internet is the future and to grab worldwide market and to get the attention of shoppers SEO is the best way. This is the smartest and long-lasting marketing investment that helps your business grow.

If you are a fashion designer or own any fashion brand especially from Kuwait, Qatar,  Baharin, KSA . Oman, Dubai then we can help you.  We are specialist in fashion and we know exactly how to do it.
For more information, email – info@fabusse.com or brands@fabusse.com

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