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There’s a well-established fashion house behind every great fashion designer.

Nowadays, fashion designers are seeking a unique path to be differentiated from others. What if your atelier was your strong point?

You have what it takes to become a well-known fashion designer but need help setting up your next step? Specially, if you are coming from countries like Kuwait, Baharin, KSA, UAE, Lebanon, etc and you have a keen interest in arabfashion. Clearly, you need to concentrate on your designs, your customer’s requests and your next collection. Running a fashion business means developing and following an organized creative process that works for you and your clients as well. This is why, starting your fashion business requires a full study about your target. Who are you designing for? Why would you be the fashion designer they chose for their next garment? Where will they try and see your unique and customized designs?

This is where we can help you answer all these questions and we will surely here for you to set up your fashion house step by step.

Many young designers rush into setting up a business, attracted by the perceived glamour and fun that is associated with the fashion industry; but it’s important to have a strong vision of your brand’s long-term goals in order to do the right choices.

Our consultant is here to make sure you make the right decisions along the way. We will be working on a set of researches from market study to trends and fabrics.

A convenient place is needed for your everyday job and after all, your atelier will become your comfort zone. It is where all your dream designs will come to life. You will be able to have all your needed tools at hand, stocked in a nice place to help you design comfortably and easily. At this point, your atelier is where your fairy-tale starts!

The atelier is ready for you but you’re worried about doing all this alone? This is where you should start building your dream team.

When it comes to the staff, you will surely need well-trained staff for the process of a great team. You will finally have someone to lean on in times of difficulty and you will also be able to have a division of roles, which allows you to focus more on the creative aspects of the business. Your team will surely help you make the best out of your brand!

When visiting your fashion house, your clientele will enter your world. Each corner of your atelier screams fashion and trends. You will be able to showcase your latest collection and come up with the newest ideas to amaze everyone. Always remember, your atelier is the first impression you give to anyone and it needs to be perfect!

Want to take your brand to the next level? Let’s start working on your atelier!

To know more you can email us at – info@fabusse.com

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