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Maximize Your Advertising Efforts on Facebook

With billions of active users, Facebook is obviously the best platform to promote your brand. The problem, however, is that almost all brands are using this portal to promote their products and services putting advertising through this platform in second or third place when considering options. But let’s not stop there; while all are on Facebook promoting brands, yours can still stand out from the sea of ads being shared daily. All you have to do is to create a page and make your brand stand out by following these three simple steps below.

  1. Create a page that will entice your audience through competition

While paying for Facebook’s paid advertisement keeps your product in people’s timelines, active Facebook users are still the best option for generating a buzz and have the potential to increase your brand’s popularity.

A good example would be to get your users involved. A simple promotion such as asking Facebook users to like your page and react/share your post always gets you somewhere. Somebody gets to win, of course. More so, winners will be given something of your brand (a free product or service at least) for them to experience. And if they like it, they go back for more!

  1. Make it short but rich in content

This is a basic concept for all advertisers out there yet it is still worth reiterating. Basic knowledge is that value-rich content always wins. More so, it is important to consider that advertising perspectives are different for each platform – what works in LinkedIn per se won’t usually work on Facebook. To maximize success on each social network, extensive research on what works for each platform is a must. When on Facebook, considering that users tend to simply scroll down, short posts with less than 50 characters tend to work best. It would also work best if the post comes with a video.

  1. Use Facebook Retargeting to follow your audience

Facebook is a social platform where users expect to see updates from friends and current events. Therefore, it is safe to assume that visitors coming to your page are not much into purchasing something. This should not worry us though because companies like Fabusse can resort to another marketing strategy called “retargeting”. In retargeting, the plan is to have your ad follow your recent page visitors everywhere, whenever they go online. Sort of like they open this site, your ad pops up; they open that site, your ad shows up. This is quite effective in a sense that it creates a recall as your recent visitors see your brand everywhere. What makes it effective is that it focuses your ads spending on users who are already familiar and have recently demonstrated an interest in your brand. Data shows that most marketers who use it see a higher ROI than from most other digital channels.

In summary, the best way to effectively market your brand on Facebook is to amplify your presence. In a platform with the most number of users, it is vital that your brand effectively reaches your intended audience. Use the tactics as listed above and see you reach expanse, your engagement boosted and your followers significantly increased in numbers.

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