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Internet’s Impact on Fashion and Shopping

This is a new era indeed! Internet, speed and online shopping nowadays come as a package.
In a world where everything is subject to shifts, twists and turns, it is only fair for the shoppers to be on edge. Those used to traditional shopping methods, store visits and fitting rooms, can’t help but feel cornered by this online mogul called online shopping!

Fear not dear shoppers, for we have got you covered! Fabusse is going all out for YOU!
In this blog, we put together a list of tips to help you navigate throughout this not-so-traditional shopping process.

1- Find your store.
If you are searching for a particular store online (Facebook, Instagram ..) make sure to visit the store’s website first, where the account’s name is sure to be mentioned. This is important in case a multitude of stores are using the same name.

2-Reviews, reviews and REVIEWS!
Always look for ratings and reviews! Online shops might oversell quality, products and fabric as part of their marketing strategies to attract buyers. Be smarter. Look for reviews online by actual clients to ensure the best shopping process.

3- Protect your money.
Make sure to read the terms and conditions/ privacy policy of the store you are willing to buy from! We hear about this all the time: bad shopping experience. In order to avoid the complications you might face with online stores such as: no exchange, no refund or no size exchange, choose the store which offers a more compliant policy and service for shoppers.

4- Size dilemma, no more!
You might be surprised by clothes sizes that fit you or don’t! You might wear the same pants size for ages but the one you ordered doesn’t fit! It is absolutely necessary to ask about size and measurement details adopted by online stores, as the latter depend on the country of production or importation. Better yet? Take your own measurements, submit and discuss with the store!

5-Delivery and shipping.
Keep yourself in the loop! Ask for tacking services for your orders and about additional fees.

There are no guarantees when it comes to online shopping, but there are smart moves to make if you are new to this! Get a handle and dive into this new era with knowledge 

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