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Instagram versus Snapchat: A story of two platforms

When Instagram first launched their Instagram stories, did you ever raise an eyebrow and say that this somehow looks super familiar? I don’t know with you but I sure did.

It made you ask whatever happened to originality and ingenuity.

What I’m talking about, for those who are not familiar, is that Instagram Stories is more than 50% similar to another social media platform Snapchat. The concept – photos and videos you’ve posted that disappear after 24 hours, filters, geo locations – you name it, it’s all there.

But despite the undeniable similarities, the market seems to have bought the idea and started using Instagram Stories as much as, or even more than, Snapchat. Not only is this true to accounts of individual users but to business accounts as well.

But what makes Instagram Stories stand out as compared to Snapchat?

In summary, Instagram would be your best bet to market your fashion business. Compared to Snapchat, Instagram has more affordable advertising options, you maintain a public profile, and is popular with the working-age demographic.

One of the most important factors to consider Instagram over Snapchat is the fact that with the former, you have a profile that you maintain. What I mean is that with Instagram, you not only work with stories that disappear after 24 hours; you also have photos and videos that you can post in your profile. And these are photos and videos that actually stay, unless you delete them. This is utterly important especially with businesses in the fashion world where Instagram users can view your account and see your designs before they decide to follow you on social media. With Snapchat, there are just videos and photos that disappear after 24 hours. There are no photos to go back to in case users need reference.

Another advantage of Instagram is its audience. Fashion-related business organizations like Fabusse benefit greatly from advertising with Instagram in a sense that the company’s market includes the 18 and above age demographic; and this is exactly the demographic Instagram seems to attract. Unless your fashion business is targeting the market aged 12 to 17, you can use Snapchat as it seems to be more popular with this age group.

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