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Fashion takes over the World

The world of fashion is always evolving. In a world where technology is starting to surpass our expectations, fashion is inspired from past eras to create something out of this world and stun your clients!

It is true that our lives have paused due to the pandemic, but here comes fashion to make sure we are comfortable to get back on track.

What is the effect of Covid-19 on upcoming trends?

People are starting to connect more with nature, they are also focusing on their health. This surely affects their lifestyle and therefore their outfits.

When it comes to colors, we will be seeing healing colors, calm and earth colors.

Simplicity is now the key to a successful collection. Trendy people need to feel comfortable yet fashionable and elegant.

Let’s take a step into the trends of the Arab Fashion world where modern yet conservative designs will appear on your feedbacks!

Because of the hot weather, wearing flowy and loose fabrics is always a good idea. A flowy dress matched with a nice pair of heels will sure turn heads around you!

Oversized Victorian sleeves are very trendy; this style keeps coming back. Make sure to go for soft colors this autumn! Matching a puffy sleeved shirt with a jacket is your way to the runway!

It seems like we’re traveling back to the free-spirited 70’s. We will be seeing more of the bohemian chic style with the return of the high wedges, the elegant maxi dressed and a lot of ruffles.

The abaya trend is still going strong and Arab Fashion Designers are designing them with pleats and ruffles, this will sure take your look to the next level!

A trend that never dies? Yes, we’re talking about white jeans. Well the fashion icon Marilyn Monroe rocked her white jeans! Want to steal the look?

White jeans are known to emphasize the curves and highlight the female figure. You can pair them with knotted tops or crop tops. This look is very elegant, yet playful!

Since we’re talking about white, ever tried to pull the full white look?

White represents purity and innocence. A total white look: stylish and minimalist.

What about patterns?

They say that where flowers bloom, so does hope. And hoping for a better future, here comes the flower patterns!

From tulips to roses and daisies, flowers are everywhere to be seen!

Whether it’s a giant bouquet on a puffed sleeve, or small flowers on a linen dress, flowers make sure you connect well with nature and you look part of the life’s beautiful painting.

There’s not a complete outfit without the right accessories; handbags are starting to be more playful and they are anything but boring. When it comes to jewelry, you have the chance to go as colorful as you like!

After all, always remember that fashion is a way of expression and your outfit is your personality’s canvas.

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