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New Campaigns And New Clients Fabusse At Work EN

New Fashion Campaigns and New Clients



We are in the second month of this New Year 2020 and all our activities are in full stream. In the last month not only we went to different fashion fairs and shows but also went for a few photos and video shooting campaigns for our clients. This is nothing new to us. We, as a fashion agency always look for the best ways to promote our clients and provide them the best platforms for success. We are also working for another fashion brand whose showroom will open shortly in Kuwait. Why people keen on taking an interest in fashion design? Let’s start with some basic facts.

Primarily, clothing is one of the basic needs of which keep our warmth intact and add some layer of protection from heat or cold. In the matter of fashion, clothing has influenced many women about the way they dress from time to time. We all know that fashion is actually an art of blending design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. More good the process is more it becomes a popular aesthetic expression in different times to the people irrespective of places and personalities. Moreover, it is now well-known that fashion plays an important role in expressing one’s beliefs too. If we take today’s time numerous Arab fashion designers are creating extraordinary designs but lack the ways to promote their products. To help them we have many ways to offer our services including fashion campaigns and promote their fashion labels in the world stage.


In this month we are going to launch SERPIL, KUWAIT’s showroom and MONTANIA’s new collection.
Montania is an interesting one as we went to Bulgaria for shooting. We will soon the campaign also in Montania’s Instagram and other social media platforms. Meanwhile, if you are in Kuwait, do not forget to visit SERPIL, Kuwait’s new store Shop no GL 104, Avenue Mall, Kuwait City. You can also follow their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

If you want to know more about us, you can follow our Instagram or Facebook page or LinkedIn . Do let us know if you are interested to showcase your fashion label to the world.

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