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Fashion And Vlogging

In recent years, the use of videos as means to send a message across have swiftly overtaken the use of words. This could particularly be because of easier access for users to devices that have the capacity to record videos.
The use of videos have also been preferred online. Blogging which was popular about a couple of years ago have slowly been overpowered by what we now know as vlogging. No need to state the obvious but the “v” in vlogging actually refers to “video”.

Vlogging have been getting its fair share of popularity that vloggers from all over have created their spaces in very specific niches – be it travel, electronics, food, or the most popular of all, fashion; the internet is full of them from makeup tutorials to girls telling you what to wear to what’s in and out in the industry.
Now, companies, brands, and individuals are all trying to consider vlogging. Is it worth the try? Here are the pros and cons of fashion through vlogging.


  •  Consumers all prefer seeing the design rather than reading about it. Vlogging your latest creations can easily lure your target market to purchase as compared to them just reading about your latest work.
  •  Vlogging is relatively new and as it’s still in its infancy, giving it a go gives you an opportunity to stand out. This is for the reason that not all designers and brands have taken this direction yet. Getting into vlogging by this time would enable you to be one of the first to visually display your designs online.
  •  Videos have more chances of getting shared than articles for the reason that it is more engaging and more exciting. Consumers would prefer seeing you or the model try out new designs rather than reading about it described online.
  •  Videos can build trust. Most consumers would prefer seeing you and your designs than just reading about you. Seeing you builds your credibility faster than any other way.


  •  Vlogging can be time-consuming. The videos you see on Youtube are not made with just one run. These videos translate to numerous retakes and a huge amount of time spend on editing. Add to that is the time given to writing scripts and planning out the kind of content that you post.
  • Vlogging may not be suitable for all subjects. While it works well for makeup tutorials and most fashion sub-niches, vlogging may not be suitable when targeting baby boomers. A market composed mostly of millennials would be a sure fit than the generation prior.
  • Google may not fully give vlogging its absolute advantage. What it means is that SEO-wise, Google would not be able to understand what exactly is in the video and so if you intend to have your content ranked high up in the search results, you may want to consider getting a mix of blogging and vlogging in your content. Some would opt to have their title and description keyword-optimized but this option can only do so much.

On the other hand, designers may also choose to have optimization done by experts. Fabusse, in all its years of expertise, has better ways of getting your fashion brand noticed online. With more than two decades of experience, Fabusse can promote your brand through different socmed platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a lot more. This way, being on top of the search results will no longer be a concern, giving you enough time to work on your content, your designs, and just looking fab in front of the camera while staying on top of the game in terms of your social media presence.

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