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Driving Arab
Fashion For
Women To
a New Level

Driving Arab Fashion for Women to a New Level

Just like the rest of the world, fashion for women in the Middle East have evolved over the years. Despite the region being deeply rooted to tradition and cultural identity, Arab women, as opposed to popular belief, are equally just as fashionable and traditional. If there is one misconception about Arab women and fashion, it is the notion that fashion in this region strictly adheres to the traditional Middle Eastern garb.

Circumstance plays a major role in fashion changes. A young city girl would more likely be dressed up to the latest fashion trends, most of the time clothed in Western fashion. With most women in modern cities, traditional Arab attires are usually reserved for very special occasions. On the contrary, women of the older generation are seen to be mostly wearing conservative, albeit, Western dresses.

Circumstance aside, social class is also another factor that affects Arab women’s manner of dressing up. Middle and upper class Arab women, for example, in some countries, can be found to wear top fashion brands, usually of Western origins.

Add to circumstance and social class, the amount of exposure of a society to modern fashion can affect women’s manner of clothing. Fabusse, a fashion expert based in Kuwait, has always assisted brands gain traction by its many services from building haute couture websites to strengthening a brand’s online presence. This group of fashion experts have, over the years, been the main reason for the success of a designer’s fashion campaign.

The variety, therefore, in Arab women’s fashion, can be considerably vast as Arab women, as of late, are given ample freedom to be able to choose fashion depending on personality.

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