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Check Out these Best European Locations for your Next Fashion Campaign

Given that Europe has, over the years, synchronized itself with fashion, brands usually clamour to get a slot at the next European fashion fair. And while the rest of the world has exhausted its fashion sense to its last trickling thread, Europe seems to never dry out of creative juices.

And so if your brand aims to get a taste of the European stage but would want to look beyond Paris and Milan, here are the best locations for your next fashion campaign:

  • From straight-ups of the 80s to mods and rockers to even Victorian-style fashion, this European city bustles with citizens that has a very diverse fashion sense. You can be wacky one day and chic and business-like the next without anyone raising an eyebrow. This allows easy entrance of brands of any kind as there will surely be a market for everyone. Besides, fashion weeks happen twice a year – one in February and the other in September. That doubles the opportunity for brands to showcase how fabulous (or drab) they can really get.
  • You might think Kiev to be at the end of the line in the world of fashion but you are so wrong. This Ukranian city boasts of a new wave of designers fashion campaigns would be so proud to be part of; braving social norms and paving ways where there was none. The city holds a b2b event of Ukranian fashion, an exhibition that has been running for 20 years, attracting tens and thousands of visitors. Kiev can give your label a good amount of exposure in the who’s who of the industry.
  • Names like Versaci, Prada, and Armani have set the bar so high in Italian fashion that the world over can only but oggle at high-class fashion that’s become the norm in this Italian metro. With Florence and Milan on the sides, Rome sashays into the spotlight and is swiftly becoming a lucrative fashion destination for brands.
  • And yet another Italian city to grace our pages! This little town goes beyond its identity as a fishing village. The town is more than its vibrantly-painted houses and seafood restaurants as it holds a fashion event every October where the biggest names in Italian and European fashion converge for a haute couture fashion show. It’s the kind of haute couture websites of fashion would go gaga at!
  • The city is deemed to be the Little Paris of the East and rightfully so. This Romanian capital boasts of a fashion fair that attracts models, sellers, designers, and buyers not just from Europe but from all parts of the globe. It certainly is the kind of exposure your brand needs.

While other bigger cities may be the bastion of European fashion, getting into a campaign can be overwhelming. Start somewhere that’s not as big but could provide you with the right amount of exposure to buyers and designers. Go for these cities.

Overwhelming as it gets, your brand might also need the right amount of guidance; an expert to lead the way; something that Fabusse has been known to be very good at.

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