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Beauty pageants and a designer’s moment

It is almost 8PM. The stage is set; the music blaring, the crowds anticipating.

It is yet another beauty pageant about to begin.

Beauty pageants are quite popular these days and have no intent of dying down. Crowds from all corners of the country flock the already lit stadium with banners in support of their favourite girl, while participating ladies backstage become nervous and excited for the show to begin and later on reveal who will finally win the much coveted crown.

The winners get the cash prices plus the platform, the organizers get their sales and sponsorships but aside from the winners, the crowd, and the organizers, who else benefits?

It should be you and your designs.

When talking of beauty pageants and its benefits to your brand, there is only one very important factor that you, as the designer, should consider – exposure. How big and popular the pageant is equates to your much-coveted exposure; the number of participating contestants would contribute to your exposure. If say, a pageant you would like your designs promoted in is aired on national TV, just imagine the number of people who would hear your name, see your designs! That’s millions of people nationwide. And with the advent of social media and sites like Youtube, the videos of the pageant would surely be played over and over again, and thus, there is continuity to the exposure that you’ve been yearning for.

Another benefit of promoting your designs in a beauty pageant is that the girls that are wearing your creations become your promoters; especially if it looks good on the contestants; it would sound good to your name as well.

And remember, it is not just the contestants you should be after when you are promoting your designs in a beauty pageant. Consider the hosts as well as they normally thank their sponsors and designers over and over again.

Beauty pageants have no plan of stopping anytime soon. If you are a designer and would like your creations featured, try beauty pageants. The winner’s crown would only last for a year but your exposure, when done right, is for a lifetime.

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