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Accessories Sorting Code

There is no doubt that accessories compliment a woman’s beauty and elegance. Accessories are considered a primary addition to dress-codes, as they showcase a woman’s beauty, style, look, and joyful soul, and modernity.

– Try to toy with the length of your necklaces, stay as far as you can from making your necklaces of the same length.

You can choose two necklaces of the same length and diversify that of others.

Mind the spaces between them!

Space and length should not be identical but it is essential for them to match!

This also applies to thin chains and chokers.

As for the big and thick necklaces, you can mix and match them with thin chains.

-Do not mix jewelry with accessories, or leather accessories with metal accessories.

Choose necklaces and accessories that are close and matching in appearance.

-Break the color codes! Choose colors that reflect your personality. You can wear diverse rings with multiple colors like yellow, silver, white, etc., and wear toe rings for a bold and modern look!

– Put on accessories that play a part in popping your look, for example, if you are wearing multicolored clothes, you can accentuate one color by choosing your accessories to be of this exact color.

However, if you want to break a dominant color, you can add a little silver, gold, or rose gold sparkle that matches.

If you are wearing a simple yet formal dress, you can go for the thick necklace if the neckline is not embroidered. If the neckline is in fact embroidered, it is better that you don’t wear a necklace at all.

-If you are wearing a sleeveless dress, it is a must for you to wear a stylish chocker, or skip that and go for big bold earrings.

– If you are wearing a veil, and going for a casual daily look, you can adopt the multiple long chains look aforementioned, and sort them by length:
make them close but not too close.

When choosing your outfit’s color, don’t choose more than two shades of the same color, diversify!

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