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World OfFashion And Fashion Shows Are Buzzing With Activities EN 1

World of Fashion and Fashion Shows are Buzzing with Activities

The season for fashion is always on. You will never get tired of the trends and styles that will give you an idea how the fashion will be for coming few months. There are of course lead events like Cannes , Oscar and Globe Awards where cine stars are flaunting designer dresses while walking in the Red carpet. This is quite inspiring and intriguing for us as a Fashion Agency.

In the world of Arab fashion, there are whole new bunch of talented and creative designers who are ready to showcase their talents in front of the world. They are bold in their approach, innovative in their application and stunning with their presentations. Interestingly, this year will mark the new era in fashion world in Arab Fashion business as for the first time Arab Fashion Council has decided to host Arab Fashion Week in collaboration with British Fashion Council and this year’s October will be remembered as a game changer in the Arab Fashion Business.
In the meantime, Doha also hosted a Bridal Fashion Show and Fabusse attended that show to get glimpses of newest fashion trends in Bridal wear. 

We helped one of our clients MISSAK FARASSIAN who is the owner of the brand Missaki Couture to showcase his new Spring-summer collection in Paris. We must admit here that response was really good. We have campaigned for him in Various Social Media Platforms too for him.

As the year steps in last phase of its tenure and there are only three months remaining Fashion shows are pouring in from all quarters of the world. European Fashion Circuit is still in its full swing as there are more shows queuing up and designers too are more than eager to participate in these shows.
There are of course few trends that are in the top of the trends and people love those

Bike Shorts with Blazers:
 This one style are taken the trend by storm as fashion lovers are in love with this fresh offer which is a blend of sportswear and new tailoring style. If you are the one who is style-savvy and want to look chic and cool then it’s for you. People from Europe and USA are embracing it gladly.

Boiler Suits.
Time can change the style of human and fashion can influence the style. Once it was a one-piece protective garment, boiler suits now are an excellent choice for your fashion statement. These exquisite long-sleeved stylish jumpsuits can enhance your fashion statement and style.

Lavender Tones.
This beautiful tone is a lighter version of street-style version of Purple has made a comeback. Fashionistas around the world have embraced it with grace and elegance. Lavender family is now a trendsetter.

Puff Shoulders.
This fashion statement puff shoulders is a strikingly bold and stylish which can be seen on both dresses and blouses.

Bucket Hats.
Protecting yourself from the sun has a new style now. Originated at 90’s as one of the best and must have accessories this Bucket Hats are back in reckoning. Casual, cool and can it can go with dresses, slouchy suits, overalls, and more. So, it is now you chance to deck up in a new way.

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