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What After Corona

What After Corona?  

No one in this world has anticipated this catastrophic pandemic that is running for almost four months. Human activities in this Earth are now come to a standstill. Everyone is looking for ways to get out of this crisis. The earth is under lockdown, specially for human civilization. But we are sure that this won’t continue forever.

What are you thinking of doing to revive your businesses? Is there any contingency plan ready once this lockdown and Corona pandemic is over? Fashion designers from Arab Countries, such as Kuwait, Jordon, Bahrain. Qatar are you all ready to get back to your creative domain and start creating your new collections or you still have old collections in your possession? If you own a boutique or multi-brand store in Middle-east how do plan to do your business in coming days? 

During this entire lockdown, we planned many things for you. We have prepared many new offers and packages for you. This time we are going to take you to a faster lane where everything will happen quickly. We can set your online shop, website, create your online campaigns, social media posts, fashion videos, and many more. 

We all know once this pandemic is over, it will take couple of months for everyone to get into the normal mode but if we start planning early we can get better result. Once the market is open for everyone, you should also be ready to grab the opportunity. 

Our current website too is changing in some ways. We are adding few more services and offers to our menu. You can always ask us for more and we are ready to offer you more services i.e. customised services. 
You can even ask for fashion consultation and we can offer you our consultancy. Yes, you can get our consultancy over the phone or video call. So, it does not matter where you are from, you will get our consultancy and the solutions. 

If you want to know more you can always sent us an e-mail to info@fabusse.com

Till then #staysafe

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