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A Fashion Consultancy Offering Services in the UAE

Fabusse is a fashion consulting agency offering a wide range of fashion consultancy services in UAE and other girding areas. As a fashion brand consultant, Ramez Basmaji works with fashion brands to help them develop their brand strategy, visualization, identity, and product. We are also equipped to provide marketing and dispatches, retail and retailing, and digital strategy services to help fashion brands stay competitive in the Industry. We are a one shop stop for any fashion brand looking for fashion campaigns, modeling, brand visualization, fashion shows and fares.

Our fashion consultancy services are designed to help fashion brands in creating a strong brand image and identity, and to help them vend their products effectively to their target followership. Fabusse’s platoon of educated fashion consultants works nearly with each customer to understand their requirements and develop acclimatized results that meet their unique conditions.

Whether a fashion brand is looking to launch a new product line, expand its reach, or rebrand itself, Fabusse can give expert guidance and support throughout the process. With our deep industry knowledge and expansive experience, we’re suitable to give fashion brands with the perceptivity and strategies demanded to succeed in moment’s fast- paced fashion Industry. 


Lebanon, Kuwait
+965 9919 8990
+965 9919 8990

    Why you should and must contact us? If you are a fashion designer or a fashion brand, especially from Arab countries, then we have a lot to offer. As for fashion designers from abroad, we have solutions for you too. We can offer the best solutions possible to tackle any situation. Visit our services page to see how elaborate our services are, as we tried to cover every field. Yes! Our team is always ready to attend to your fashion brand’s problems. Do not hesitate!