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Date: 11-14 January 2018
Location: Paris, France
Venue: Le Borguet, Paris

Today Texworld has become more than a place where people meet to do business. Texworld’s aim was to develop a new approach, a different way of exploring the aisles and discovering the trends, creating a true call to the senses. Indeed, the show looks to suffuse its visitors and exhibitors with the latest trends, to have them touch and feel the materials, for an ever-more-lively visit.

  • Designers & Fashion Brands
  • Local and International Retail Chains
  • Importers, Distributors & Wholesalers
  • Fashion Media

There are about 950 fabrics manufacturers from 27 countries around the world with materials being displayed such as Cotton, Denim, Embroidery, Lace, Functional fabrics, Knitted fabrics, Linen, Hemp, Prints, Shirting, Silk, Silky aspect, Wool and wool blends. This is the biggest Textile event from the world’s fashion capital. So that gives you no reason not to come!

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Kindly fill out the form below should you be interested to participate in the exhibition

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