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Top 5 Textiles to Use for your Spring Wear Collection

2019’s spring season reveals all kinds of ingenious and clever fabric trends. Looking at this year’s major textile fairs – from Premiere Vision, The London Textile Fair, The Shanghai Textile Fair, these fairs all promise exciting times ahead.

The textile industry, however, is now leaning towards a new direction. While the industry has been forward-looking in the past, it now seems to be leaning backwards, going into natural fibers and rustic materials that celebrate the organic Mother Nature.

This direction of going back to the basics reflects how the current consumers see fashion and life in general. With greater cry for transparency, the current generation shoves out the window concepts of perfection, celebrating in return individuality with all its imperfections. The new generation seems to be ready to embrace differences and that reflects in their choice of fabrics as well.

And with that said, below are 2019’s spring textile trends to watch out for:

1. Rustic Reinvented

Recently, we have seen the growing popularity of everything organic, with the younger ones going for ethically-produced products, from vegetables to farmed fish and meat.
It could probably be because of this that the rustic feel in terms of textile preferences has gained so much popularity.
Light linens are in. Textiles with sun-faded finishes and hatched effects have made its way center stage in the current textile fairs.

The addition of viscose or a blend with Tencel gives it a different theme, depending on which mood you are in.
According to Fabeuse, subtlety is the name of the game. Whitewashed effects have also been getting the attention of fashion experts. And don’t forget about the natural fibers like hand-finished silks, wool, and cashmere.

2. Wrinkles

Your grandmother may frown upon crinkles and creases but these textures that evoke our oneness with nature are currently in. We’re talking about crepe yarns, cupro, cotton and all varieties of cotton blends, pleats and everything that have rippling effects that bring the calming effect of water to mind.
And while we’re at it, watch out for watermark prints, patterns like the tie-dyed textiles making their rounds this year.

3. Colors

This spring of 2019, watch out for textiles that have been space dyed. These textiles have given the industry a unique look that is so pleasant to the senses. From mossy patterns to those that look like speckled eggs, expect space dyed fabrics to make a grand entrance.
We are also seeing a huge amount of bold colors creatively woven together that shows a modern and confident look at fashion. It’s playful, it’s verdant, and it’s fresh.

4. Imperfectly Natural

In an era of simplicity, wearers now look for fabrics that look natural, raw, and authentic. Un-dyed material, raw cotton and everything in between that screams sustainable and environment-friendly practices but maintaining a simple yet elegant look. The organic and the unprocessed are getting to be more popular than ever.
Now we’re talking of jacquard weaves, traditional suede, linen-look fabrics that are simple yet exude an exciting never before seen confidence.

5. Denim

Denim is a timeless classic that refuses to just go away. Capturing the cool yet casual crowd, textiles like the stone-washed and space-dyed effects provide the denim a sun-bleached appearance that is becoming popular as of late.
So there; based on the most popular textiles of this season, the trend seems to be pointing to fashion and textiles putting priorities in a cleaner and more sustainable production of goods.

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