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Media has proven the fastest means for mass marketing and promotion especially when it comes to fashion brands. We at Fabusse have taken an extra step in marketing to enable your product or fashion brand and line reach the next level. We have invested in media in the appropriate places and ventured and collaborated with the correct investors to ensure your success. We have direct access to television, radio, magazines, newspapers, online media, social media and web magazines enabling you to stand out among other individuals in the market. . We help our fashion industry clients in promoting their latest designs, prints and fashion throughout the world using these different means of media.

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We take television media exposure as a very great opportunity for our clients to showcase themselves that’s why we have appropriate connections at the right TV stations to ensure you get to have an interview of your choice, to push your commercial advertisement on TV, or whatever your choice of reason, we got you covered. We as well offer a spot on fashion TVs for you to even comment or share your opinions with your prospective clients. We have years of fashion industry experience and have enough knowledge to promote fashion through television.
While TV and magazines play a great role in promoting fashion, radio also plays a similar role too. They offer a great chance for interviews more so on radio stations that feature pop kind of culture that embraces fashion. At fabusse we have great experience and marketing strategies that have proven to work over the radio as a platform and remained relevant to our prospective clients. We organize interviews and push for your brand’s advertisement thoroughly to ensure your success.

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We take the niche of magazines as a great platform to showcase your product line both print and online magazines. Fabusse will organize interviews for your brand as well as a column for your brand awareness if you will be interested. All beauty salons now keep all the latest fashion magazines. Thus, fashion magazine is another important aspect of promoting fashion. We even could ensure that you get to the cover page of some of the magazines with our unmatched experience in the fashion sector.

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Celebrities go hand in hand with mass awareness and a great media for any fashion industry player to induce as a marketing strategy. We at Fabusse have a constant web of connection to almost the entire celebrity world and would schedule an interview with your preferred choice of celebrity that you would want to market your brand. Most celebrities would wear your brand to shows, interviews or infuse them in their work of art or careers. This would, in turn, generate product promotion and we guarantee you that we will offer your choice of celebrity. We believe on maintaining good relationship with celebrities and we use our relation to help our fashion clients in their businesses.

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