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How To Make
Your Fashion Brand Stand Out
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How to make your fashion brand stand out! (Part 1 of 2)

The fashion industry is quite polluted with a lot of brands, presenting different collections that may be wearable or avante-garde. But in a world where there’s too many creative individuals, it is not rare to find a brand or collection that has the same idea as yours.

But how can your brand be different and stand out? This is a common question but the answer is quite complex. It requires a lot of critical thinking to be able to seek the secret formula to success.

These tips may have been heard or read from the different materials but undeniably, these are the common ingredients to the not-so-secret formula in achieving success in the industry of fashion.

As what Anna Wintour once said, “You can’t really worry too much…about what the competition is doing or what other people in your field are doing. It has to be a true vision.” Your only competition is yourself. Do not listen to what others will say and never imitate what others are doing. Do not let yourself be influenced by the latest trend or what is “in” – as you will be bound to fail. Focus on what you really want.

Remember, Diane von Furstenberg originated the wrap dress and it’s still the wrap-dress that made her successful up to this date. So better think of what your vision is and how you want to become in the future. Be original and take inspiration through research.

Some brands/designers are often contented by doing the same thing forever. We can see stores offering the same design and are basically happy with receiving the same cash flow. But don’t you think that it is best if you also break through in a competitive and crowded field? Playing safe won’t do the trick, you must learn how to make calculated risks. But making an impulsive decision is also not the answer. One has to step out of the comfort zone with a perfect strategy that goes with it.

Once you have learned how to take risks, you must also learn how to expand your products/designs. It is not about coming up with a totally different design that does not co-relate with your brand, vision and values. Expansion means creating a new design to widen your market reach. There are different ways of doing it, either you expand your age-group, your general market or your social class. You can even do collaborations – which is the safest way of doing it.

We have prepared more tips for Part 2 so better stay tuned!

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