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Fabusse – Ramez Basmaji's Fashion Consultant Services in KSA

Fabusse is a fashion consulting agency led by Ramez Basmaji with more than 25 years of experience in the fashion industry providing all sorts of services and counseling in terms of fashion campaigning, modeling, brand visualization, fashion shows and fares, brand strategy and identity, product development, trend forecasting, marketing and merchandising.

Our fashion brand consultant, Ramez Basmaji along with his team of fashion experts will work with only one goal to elevate your fashion brand to mark its presence in the industry. We are primarily focused on Arab countries with KSA being one of the fashion market hubs and Fabusse is well equipped to help fashion brands in KSA.

If you are a fashion brand in Saudi Arabia and you are struggling to get going, Fabusse is your one stop for all your fashion consulting needs to reach your full potential and expand your reach to thrive in the fashion industry. 


Lebanon, Kuwait
+965 9919 8990
+965 9919 8990

    Why you should and must contact us? If you are a fashion designer or a fashion brand, especially from Arab countries, then we have a lot to offer. As for fashion designers from abroad, we have solutions for you too. We can offer the best solutions possible to tackle any situation. Visit our services page to see how elaborate our services are, as we tried to cover every field. Yes! Our team is always ready to attend to your fashion brand’s problems. Do not hesitate!