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Since its first implementation in 2008, Jakarta Fashion Week has consistently been a big bid for the Indonesian fashion industry. Not only being a host in their own country, through various programs, such as the Indonesia Fashion Forward, Indonesia’s creative people were also invited to enliven the fashion scene across countries. As the largest and most influential annual fashion week in Southeast Asia, Jakarta Fashion Week is a universal platform for fashion industry players who want to be associated with the latest design, style and fashion trends. With a long-standing reputation and influence, Jakarta Fashion Week has the potential to bring the Indonesian fashion industry to enter the world fashion market. The impact and reach of Jakarta Fashion Week has been recognized by professionals in the fashion industry, such as journalists, buyers, photographers, stylists, and even international models that make this annual event increasingly popular. In 2018, Jakarta Fashion Week held its 10th celebration on October 20-26. The harmony of the work of designers throughout the decade of Jakarta Fashion Week indeed resembles the outpouring of Indonesian culture that was translated onto the stage. Many individuals are involved, there are many styles that can be seen throughout the week, but every year, everything always looks dynamic and unified. With the support of various stakeholders, who may have different interests, but the work produced has the same goal, advancing the fashion industry, especially the national industry. Also a lot of foreign partner involvement, but not to intimidate, but to inspire each other. With this enthusiasm, Jakarta Fashion Week carries the theme “Diversity and Work”.

  • Buying Agents
  • Local and International Retail Chains
  • Importers, Distributors & Wholesalers
  • Trade Body Representatives
  • Fashion Media

Jakarta Fashion Week is one of the highlighted events in South East Asia. As you know, the event is flocked my thousands of fashion enthusiasts from the different parts of Asia. Local and international designers, celebrities and bloggers gather in this week-long event featuring the best of Indonesian Fashion. Not only that, the event is also partnered with international brands which is why this event is a fashion milestone in the ASEAN region.

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