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Impact of Covid on Fashion Trend in 2021

Due to the rise of conscious buying fashion market is reshaping itself. In this blog, we will take a look into the fashion trends and directions that we may witness in the year 2021.

Changing Lifestyle and Corona

Uncertain future, indoor lifestyle, and confusions are gradually creeping in the consumer’s mind and routine leading to a drastic transformation in lifestyle. Online existence is becoming much more relevant. People are working from home, online meetings and virtual shows are coming as a saviour. Neo normal in the fashion and beauty industry is setting in so it is a much-needed requirement for this industry to re-define itself.

 Buying pattern of the consumer has changed a lot due to Corona and it is evident that this pattern will have a certain impact on the fashion industry in 2021.

Slow Fashion is on the rise

Pandemic is making everything slow and the fashion industry is also getting used to this slow pace.

Due to the closure of almost all the activities, designers have too much time on their hands. Almost everything is bearing the brunt of this covid as nothing is easy in this new world – sourcing materials are getting hindered, designers are now forced to rethink and redevelop everything in a new way and seasonless fashion will soon become a reality.

 Seasonal fashion shows will become things of the past within a few months if this trait continues for a longer period of time.

Rise of ‘home-touch’ lifestyle

Around the world, there is a fear larking around which may cause a financial meltdown. Consumers are now preparing for the worst but they are ready to adapt to online shopping. People are focusing more on products that have a special home-feel which applies to the high-end products where price tags are too high.

.Fashion brands should adapt to the new normal of indoor lifestyles, sustainable handmade products so that people can overcome boredom and enjoy life in a much better way.

Craftsmanship and its intricacies  

Knitted fabrics and intricate hand-crafted works are in demand now. Fashion brands are now scrapping the ideas of the catwalk and big fashion shows instead they are focusing more on showing craftsmanship and intricacies of a product. Increased demand for hand-knitted fabrics and intricate works. Fashion brands and designers are looking to utilize their lockdown time with the intense desire to create something wonderful and intricate.

Overall, there are several signs that COVID has forced designers to think and present everything in different ways which resulted in rise of the hand-knitted fabrics, intricate slicing, and cuts.

Brand Reach and Business

Fashion businesses have been hit hard by Covid -19 and still looking for ways to come out. The only way that can prevent the slump is to opt for Digital outreach. The more you opt for virtual space, the more you are likely to gain your market share.

You need to have a proper plan for the digital domain that can help you with proper visibility and outreach.

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