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How to Hire a Team of Professionals in Fashion Business?

Hiring a team of professionals for your fashion business is always tough. In fact, this is a common problem for any business, be it fashion, jewelry making or management business.

But when it comes to clothing manufacturing business, there are certain rules to follow to truly get the right people into your team.

First and foremost, you only need people who are passionate about fashion and everything that has to do with manufacturing, selling and advertising clothes.

Don’t just hire anyone who wants to make but doesn’t care about what’s they’re doing to get that salary. This is why I always encourage my clients to pay a closer attention during job interviews.

In fact, I do encourage you to get creative during job interviews, as testing your candidate’s creativity is top priority when hiring a team of professionals.

What type of people to hire?

But the biggest difference between hiring professionals in the fashion business and any other industry is that you’d be better off hiring people from your brand’s target customer segment.

Meaning: if your fashion brand focuses on underwear for women, make sure you hire a photographer who knows how photograph women in underwear and is passionate about underwear.

What about gender?

The rest of your team must be no less passionate about women’s underwear. In case you’re wondering (as many of my clients have when they started out), there’s no difference in hiring a female photographer or male photographer.

Gender plays no role whatsoever in hiring a team of professionals for your fashion business, it rather plays a much bigger role what set of skills each member of your team possesses and how each and every of them is able to work in the team.

However, if your fashion brand is focused solely on women’s clothing, then you’d be better off hiring a predominantly-female team of professionals.

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