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This is a unique Japanese trade show of fashion sourcing, materials and brands exhibits together, combining FASHION WORLD TOKYO and FASHION WORLD TOKYO -FACTORY-. This is the only trade show which demonstrates the products satisfying all needs for fashion due to covering the whole fashion industry. FASHION WORLD TOKYO consists of 4 separate shows divided by themed categories of fashion items (FASHION WEAR EXPO, BAG EXPO, FASHION JEWELLERY EXPO and SHOES EXPO) and FASHION WORLD TOKYO – FACTORY-, a place where popular fashion garments/textiles companies and fashion sourcing manufacturers are gathering. (TEXTILE TOKYO and FASHION SOURCING TOKYO) The on-site meeting provides good business opportunities for exhibitors and visitors. It is a must-attend show to catch up with Japanese fashion market that became loved in Asia. It has also become a one-stop venue for fashion business as it covers whole fashion supply chain.

  • Department Stores
  • Boutiques
  • Mass Retailers
  • Online Stores
  • Importers
  • Fashion Manufacturers
  • Press
  • Fashion Industries
  • Audience of over 17,000 people of diverse background
  • It provides maximum exposure, networking opportunities and return on investment.
  • Open and expand to new markets beyond all boundaries