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Fashion weeks and Fabusse- An exciting September of 2019

The world of Fashion is indeed exciting. Every time you visit a fashion show you will be bowled over by the confluence of colours and designs. We, as a fashion agency is looking for more inspirations and newest trends that are going to rule in the coming years. In recent times we are continuously visiting different Fashion fairs and shows to keep ourselves updated. All these fashions shows and fairs are treasures of fashion resources. We have witnessed the arrival, expansion and growth of many fashion designers, brands, models , products and trends which is of course inspiring. These are the reasons that prompted our CEO, Ramez to visit two fashion weeks in this month of September.

He started off with Paris Fashion Week, where he attended three different shows and fairs. Paris as always is the wonderful city representing art, culture and fashion. Three shows that he attended were BIJORHCA PARIS, Who’s next and Premier-classe.

BIJORHCA PARIS it is all about latest trend in fashion, jewellery and watches as well as some other things such as packaging and technical stuffs. You can always follow Ramez’s Instagram account for information.
On the other hand, Who’s Next claims that they are hosting one of the best and effective fashion trade shows not only in the Paris but also in the world for womenswear. This international fashion trade show welcomes participants across the Europe, Asia and Asia-pacific and here you can get the notion of latest market trends of ready-to-wear, accessories, beauty and lifestyle etc.

Premiere Clause is another highly reputed organisation known for its high-quality trade show where various sections of fashion industries such as high-end jewellery, footwear, leather goods and accessories designers take part. We too have our share of engulfing experience.

Our journey continued from Paris to London and here Fabusse has presented works of three talented, promising Fashion designers K A R T I K E Y A (@kartikeyaindia), Thaher Baqer (IG – @thaher.baqer) and In Couture (@in_couture). Fabusse is really happy and proud to be associated with these designers who are continuously trying to bring in newest ideas and trends in the Fashion world.

Among the three Thaher Baqer and In Couture are representing their haute couture as promising Arab designers

Fabusse as a Fashion agency is committed to provide top end services to its clients regarding their brand promotion and fashion show coordination. We can take up different projects such as

Social media marketing
Photoshoot of your fashion products
Model training
Organising Fashion Shows
Helping Fashion designers to get into different Fashion shows
Designers fashion campaign in every media platform
We can also create haute couture website for fashion designers and fashion brands
Content writing and creation services
Graphic design services
Full-fledged IT related services.

Our main aim is to provide the platform that all budding and talented fashion designers looking for to promote their creativity. We are sure that our sincere approach and the amount of experience we have gathered over 25 years in the fashion industry will help designers to establish themselves to the fashion world.

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