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Fashion business trend: Pop-up stores

The growing popularity of pop-up stores has helped revive shopping all over the world. It’s good
news for everyone, especially for the fashion industry as customers now have the capability to
go and experience the creations themselves instead of just reading descriptions online. Pop-up
stores have also re-awakened the sense of excitement in shopping that was taken away by the
advent of computers and online shopping.
And with the ever increasing interest in pop-up stores in previous months, here is now how the
fashion industry learned to maximize this new business trend.

1. Using Established Spaces
In recent months, department stores have jumped on to the bandwagon with them allotting a
corner of the space for pop-us. It has proven to be an effective magnet to a variety of
customers. This little corner of the area can accommodate one or more pop-up stores, usually
targeting a variety of markets. One pop-up store may sell swimsuits while the other can display
fashion for kids, ensuring a mix of the market. This also makes it less boring for mall goers.
In addition, pop-up stores also make sure to create a sturdy relationship between the mall and
the brand; opening up business opportunities for both parties.
Surely, through the emergence of the pop-up stores, the fashion industry is able to provide
agreements that are mutually beneficial between brands.

2. Opening up to Omnichannel
For many years, retailers have never had the audacity to combine both their physical and online
presences. Now, this is already made possible with the emergence of pop-up stores.
The most popular example is when celebrities launch a fashion line; these designs would almost
always be available online as soon as it is launched. Pop-up shops have made it possible for
consumers to browse the collections online as well as to experience the design first-hand.
This made it easier for the fashion industry to get back to its feet, making sure it has a steady
stream of emerging patrons to keep it alive and going.

3. Personalization
Over the years, the fashion industry has resorted to mass production of certain designs.
Besides, fashion follows seasons and trends. This makes it hard for the industry to feed the
want of customers to possess things that are one-of-a-kind.
The emergence of pop-up stores is able to feed this longing. With these kinds of stores,
customers can purchase a dress and have it customized to the customer’s liking. That extra
gem on the dress or that additional patch on a shirt makes a difference amongst consumers.
People would flock pop-up stores and make a purchase, knowing that extra patch is something
that is only unique to them.
Personalizing products also improves the relationship between the brand and the customer,
giving the latter the impression that the brand cares about their opinions.
Pop-up stores have finally revived shopping experience for consumers. Different facets of the
fashion world – fashion designers, celebrities – have joined the trend as well. Fashion icons like
Fabusse make it easier for department stores to jump into the growing demand with its pop-up
erection assistance.
While the trend can be fairly new, it holds promise of better shopping experience. Whether this
lasts or not, one can never deny the excitement this shopping revival has brought to the everchanging
world of fashion.

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