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Fashion and the influence of culture

In the recent years, fashion designers have resorted to incorporating ethnic motifs in their latest collections. With influences from the far flung cultures of Asia and Africa and their numerous tribes, these designs are turning up just about everywhere, be it in the runway or high street fashion, these motifs are now becoming popular these days. Being the pieces of clothing that shows the unique artistic form made of authentic fabrics and with complex designs, these pieces can be just about combined with basics – be it a white shirt, your three-year old pair of jeans, or even classic trousers. With ethnic wear, the possibilities are endless.

These days, there are just a multitude of fashion trends that are inspired by varying cultures. Here are just a few of them:

Body Piercing

With the trend making a booming comeback, fashion designers, influencers, and icons are saying this accessory will make waves in the upcoming season. With its origins traced back to the cultures of the many African tribes, body piercing has always been part of folklore. The concept of body piercing displays numerous ways of ear, nose, and even lip stretching, which, in this part of the world, is being innovated by fashion designers and icons into luxurious creations that can be worn in any kind of event.

Boho Influences

If you see floral prints and laces and flared jeans, fringes, bell sleeves, and heavy jewelry being popular today, blame it on the Boho influences. Take the Olsen twins! These two have made peasant blouses and oversized tunics popular nowadays that various fashion designers opened their arms in welcome to this newest trend.

And who can ever forget the gypsy fashion that is made up of the fringed and the tasselled that is very common amongst the gypsies?

This trend is becoming popular these days. Check with Cavalli. He’s into it now.

The Colors of India

Magnificent India! This country have always been versatile, with numerous displays of the finest materials and amazing colors in one piece. Take for example just the saree. How many designers may have been influenced by this simple piece of clothing?

You would find it amazing that there are hundreds of designers who tried to modernize the saree while keeping true to its authenticity. It’s vivid colors and amazing patterns, plus the manner by which the fabric is made are just a few of the many reasons why the Indian culture has its hold on today’s fashion trends.

And we’re not even talking about the bangles and Indian pieces of jewelry yet!

As you obviously can surmise, several cultures the world over have made their influences known in the fashion industry. It can be because of its intricate design, or just fashion being playful and trying to create a balance between what’s traditional and modern; but whatever the reason may be, seeing these cultural influences in today’s fashion trends is just beautiful, colorful, and fun!

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