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Fabusse Fashion Services in 2022

We have arrived in 2022 – A new year that comes with a lot of hopes and opportunities always give you the chance to reset, resurge, and revive your business goals. This year we are going to introduce some new services as well as revive some old ones.  We are planning to help and support fashion brands all over the world by expanding our services to them.
We would like you to take a look at our new services

1) Complete Fashion Consultancy: This is not the first time we are offering fashion consultancy to fashion brands and fashion designers as well as fashion organisations bit this time, we are going to do it in much better and bigger way.  You can expect to help you in guiding your brand or business towards right direction with
a) Marketing ideas and support
b) Fashion brand building support and strategy
c) PR and Media

2) Digital Branding: We are now offering a whole new list of services that includes Social Media Marketing, SEO, Social Media Strategy, Building  & Establishing fashion brands in digital domains.
We can help you to gain more from your existing social media brand presence in different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest , YouTube and Tiktok. Moreover, we can also help you in the B2B segment through LinkedIn.

3) Fashion Photoshoot and Campaigns: Despite difficulties due to Covid-19 we have worked our ways to help fashion brands in their photo shootings and fashion campaigns. This year to we have lavish plans for our clients. We will be taking fashion campaigns of our clients to different locations. Moreover, we can also help you with proper theme, and locations.

4) Fashion Shows and Fairs: Last two years things were slow due to the reason that we all know. This year we are again taking our clients to different fashion shows and fairs.

5) Modelling Agency: This is new and this is big especially for Kuwait and Qatar. We are going to offer high-class international models for fashion brands and businesses.

6) Brand Strategy and Communication Consultancy: This is another new specialized service that we are going to offer to fashion brands, boutiques, businesses as well as other businesses too.
If you want to know more information about all our services or any specific ones do let us know by sending emails at – info@fabusse.com

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