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Connecting Directly to your Market Through Social Media

When social media was introduced, most companies jumped into the bandwagon and attempted to have their presence established online. Over the years, it seemed obvious that the competition is in the number of followers and online fans, not realizing that this should not be the case of a strong online presence. While a good enough number is exciting, how your brand connects to its market should be the most prioritized.

With excellent customer connection, not only will your brand have a great online presence, it also leads to customer loyalty. So how do you establish that connection? Here’s how:

The Right Social Network

First, identify which social network you will be using. When choosing the right social network for your business, take into consideration the kind of market you would like to connect with. If you are a B2B kind of business, Google+ or Linkedin could be very beneficial. Instagram, on the other hand, can be useful for a younger audience.

Once you have identified the social network of your choice, it is now time for you to point traffic towards your profile. You can handle online marketing yourself if you know how, but for most businesses, a third-party can come in handy. Fabusse, for example, is an organization based in Kuwait that has helped bring online presence to both Arab and non-Arab fashion businesses worldwide with its online marketing services.

The Right Content

Businesses should keep in mind that when writing content, it should meet at least one of these three components: to entertain, to inform, to nurture.

Content posted on your online platforms should be creative yet mindful of your audience while maintaining its appeal. It is of utmost importance to remember that a certain level of sensitivity is maintained.

Arab fashion buyers, for example, adhere to certain dress codes that retail companies should be aware of. In this case, an Arab fashion magazine can understand but for an outsider, this is one of the major considerations.

Excellent Customer Service

In the era of social media, disgruntled customers can just air bad experiences online for all the world to see; and if not dealt with immediately, it can result in your brand’s fall.

This is where the need for an effective social media manager comes in. Customers that share bad experiences online just need to be heard. Reach out to them well and fast and resolve the concern the soonest possible time. The faster, the better because a concern that stays unresolved for so long gives the public an image of an uncaring brand.


One of the most effective ways of connecting to your market through social media is by involving your customers in your business. For example, you can start a poll and let your customers decide on what they want to see next from you. Do they want beachwear featured in your next content or would they rather see something else?

Another way of involving them is to perhaps share customer stories. This is, of course, with the customer’s permission; but sharing their stories online engages your customers into feeling involved. Fashion apparel companies can try looking into the best photos online and share them as content.


And finally, make sure to treat your customers as you would a family member or a friend. Shower them with attention and always listen to what they have to say. Additionally, reward your best customers.

Your most active customer online may be rewarded with a VIP invite on store events. You can also give out some of your garments to deserving online users.

Whatever prize you have in mind, or whatever method you want to implement in choosing your best customer, it pays to always reward them once in a while for their utmost loyalty to your brand.

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