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Colors and Fashion!

In every part of the world and specially in the middle east, fashion plays a big role in a person’s life.

While having great Arab Fashion Designers, it is very important to know how to wear your outfits and what colors make you look at your best!

Colorimetry will allow you determine the color of your clothes, your makeup, hair and accessories.

Which season are you and what color suits you most?

If you’re a spring or autumn person, warm colors are made for you!

Are you a summer person? Well cool tones are the right ones!

For a winter person, cold tones are the best!

Am I a Spring person?

If your tan is light gold or gold and you have some freckles. If you have a light brown skin, you will have to use warm tones.

Here are some clothing colors that will sure suit you: All browns: cinnamon, rust, chocolate, brown. All light orange colors: coral, salmon, orange, light, apricot. All yellow (except clear acidulous) Warm green: bright, anise, lime, khaki, turquoise, violet, white case, white yellow and some cool tones.

Here are some colors to avoid: Black, white, burgundy, pine green, red, and bluish silver, gray, purple.

Am I a Summer person?

Do you have a pale tone, light or pinkish? Your tan will always be light, you’ll wear cool tones. If your skin color is black: it is likely that you are good for cold summer tones.

The best clothing colors for you: Silver, burgundy, green, bluish, green tree, chocolate brown, red, bluish, gray, purple, mauve, lilac, violet dark, blue, pink.Make sure to avoid: Black, white, all browns except chocolate brown. All shades light oranges. The hot green (anise, lime, khaki, turquoise) Fluorescent pink, bright yellow. White, yellow and some very cold tone (electric blue)

Am I an Autumn person?

Well if you have matte skin and gets dark fast when you tan, you sure are an autumn person.

These are the colors that suits you: All browns. All orange tones. All except the yellow light yellow acidulous. The hot green.You may want to avoid: Silver, black, white, burgundy, red, bluish, green, green tree. Gray, purple, blue, pink except fluorescent pink.  Am I a Winter person? 

Do you have a white skin and black hair? The tones that suits you are the cool tones.

To look at your best, use the following colors: Silver, black, white, burgundy, chocolate brown, red, bluish, green, bluish, green fir, gray, purple, blue, pink.Try to avoid wearing: Gold. All browns except chocolate brown. All orange tones. All except the yellow light yellow acidulous. Hot green. Are you familiar with the color language? 

The colors influence the physiological and psychological. They influence our imagination, our behavior and our vocabulary.

 In the Arab Fashion world below are some of the symbols of colors:

Arab fashion considers black clothing as dressing smartly. This may also have to do with many Arab people having darker features, such as beautiful dark eyes!

White is associated with purity worldwide and the Arab world is no stranger to this association. White surely carries a positive connotation and is associated with nature, reflecting clouds, crystal, cotton, and air. Therefore, white is associated with cleanliness and purity. This is why it is mostly used in peaceful outlooks and positive events, like weddings.

Most importantly is that the beauty of colors inspires beauty in word!

How can we help you in the colorimetry world? One of Fabusse Fashion Services is making sure your fashion shows and fairs are appealing and attract as many customers as possible. Want to attract Arab clients? We are here to make sure you do it in the best way!

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