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Education is a basic part of the day to day life for any person interested in the fashion industry since there is always much to learn each and every day that’s why we at Fabusse have integrated education as a basic part of our services. With extensive partnerships with schools in Italy and France that do foster fashion in their curriculum has made it possible for us to offer these services to our clients. We can also organize for individual selection of any school that you wish to study at though our well organized education services.


We at Fabusse also offer educative materials to our clients who wish to pursue fashion content in form of relevant books and magazines that they might need to gain information. We believe that there is unlimited information in books and so we do offer both print and soft copy materials for our prospective clients that wish to pursue the fashion industry.
We also offer publishing services for any intellectual that might wish to produce a book or any informative magazine for the purpose of being an educational content. Designers tend to thrive through this type of service since they can showcase their designs be it of dresses, hairstyle and what have you, be assured that we will push for your product.


Our extensive web of relations with fashion schools has made us a perfect choice for most players in the fashion industry. We offer intensive guidance to a variety of courses you might wish to pursue ranging from fashion, fashion designing, modelling and television industry. With this type of international training, you stand a better chance in the market since we offer you these courses from schools all over the world at your preferred university or school of art and fashion.


We offer the best training services that are educational in nature. From personal growth to offering educational training to your staff, we at Fabusse got you covered. We believe in training as an integral part of any business success strategy. By this, you expand the chances that your brand identity will be a force to reckon with as well strengthening your values, mission, essence etc. We have years of experience in providing brand identity to fashion industry though such trainings.


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