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4 Ways To Sell
Products Via
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4 Ways To Sell Products via Instagram

If you’ve been considering using Instagram as one of the platforms to sell your products you probably know by now that Instagram is ‘unshoppable’. Meaning: the website itself doesn’t make it possible to sell products due to its no link policy.

Yep, I understand your sadness. Boasting 500 million active users with nearly 2 billion likes per day, Instagram seems like it could be a heaven to increase your sales. But that no link policy…

What if I told you that there are ways to bypass Instagram’s ‘unshoppable’ experience and be able to sell your products via this social media giant?

Let’s review 4 tactics that many leading fashion brands are already using as part of their Instagram product sales strategy.

Soldsie app

There’s an app called Soldsie that allows you to sell your products using Instagram’s comment section. All your users need to do is simply put the word ‘Sold’ in their comment along with their size and their email address in it.

The way it works is this: you upload an image of one of your products and tell your followers to comment ‘Sold’ along with their size and email address so that you could send an invoice for the product. And Soldsie does all that automatically!

Product reference ID

If your fashion brand has its own website, you could include product reference ID in your Instagram posts that feature your products. It’s best to do one image per post to avoid confusion with all the product reference numbers.


Although Instagram doesn’t make links ‘clickable’, you could still include a shortened link in the caption to your post to allow your followers to easily copy it and be redirected to your website with the product page.

Like2Buy service

There’s also a service called Like2Buy, which allows to link to your website. Here’s how it works: put a link in a post description on Instagram. And every time your followers click on it, they’ll be redirected to an external site that goes straight to the product page.

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