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2 Social Media Ways To 
Get More
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2 Social Media Ways to Get More Sales in Fashion

Modern-era fashion business can be tough if you don’t use social media and digital marketing properly.

I strongly advise every fashion brand reading this in 2017 to go ahead with digital marketing and get maximum results from it go get more sales and attract more customers.

How to do it? Let me share two ultimate methods with you.

1. Instagram giveaway

Do you know which social media platform is trendy in 2017? I do. It’s Instagram.

Running a giveaway on Instagram can easily increase your brand’s awareness as well as attract more customers.

It’s quite easy. Just start a giveaway on Instagram asking your followers to comment on why they would like to win the item and ask them to tag three of their friends that would likely want that item as well.

What you’re doing is this: boost your brand’s reputation, increase brand awareness, get more potential customers and Instagram followers and your followers’ friends who were tagged will likely tag another three friends!

2. Promotional campaign for holidays

Holidays don’t necessarily have to be a period of inactivity.

You can run a promotional campaign during holidays to get more sales and get more attention from potential buyers.

Depending on the time of year, you could get creative with the promotional campaigns. If it’s Christmas, you could offer 10 days of discounts each day on a different type of product.

For example, on day 1 you’re discounting jackets, on day 2 shoes, day 3 dresses, etc. Your main goal is to make the promotional campaign attractive and cool enough so that your followers would share it with their friends.

Here’s a good idea for Easter: promoting an Easter Egg Hunt on your website, which will increase both brand awareness and traffic to your site.

Edit in Photoshop a photo of one of your items and hide an Easter egg with discount code on it. Let your customers browse through all of your products until they find it!

Important: make sure you thoroughly share the holiday promotional campaign on social media.

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