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10 Benefits Of Instagram Marketing

10 Benefits of Instagram Marketing with Fabusse

Over the time it has been proven that benefits of Instagram is far reaching. If you own a fashion brand or you are a fashion designer then it is a great platform to reach out your potential customers.

Today we are going to give you top 10 reasons to choose Instagram for your fashion marketing with Fabusse. Remember, Instagram is not only about posting photos, it is much more than that and you need a  digital agency to plan your marketing.

So, take a look at the points which are

1- Ability to cashing in Purchasing Power

Over ⅓ of Instagram users have used Instagram to purchase a product online which is 70% of total online users these days.  Moreover, 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website, after looking at an Instagram advertising post. Remember, properly done Instagram ad will take your fashion brand to many potential customers

2- We can you help with proper customer targeting

Fabusse knows exactly how to use Instagram’s ad platform to reach your target audience. Targeting future shoppers in a constant basis through Instaagram ads can opens up new possibilities  as shoppers will  find its interesting  and ultimately buy.  We can  even help you in retargeting on the basis of Instagram post engagement.

We can take your Instagram marketing strategy to the next level and implement a specific sales funnel to reach out more shoppers and customers.

3- Tracking your Campaigns

Proper streategy,  template design, hashtags ( based upon research) can help your Sales and leads.  In instagram all these are trackable through Instagram ads so you can see clear ROI ( Return of Investment). Once we set  objective or goal of your fashion brand then we can measure it also to see the result. Instagram’s analytics and tracking capabilities  make everything highly effective.

4- Extra Features For Business Profiles

Instagram business account has a wide range of features which will help your fashion brand in different ways.  Proper bio and clear Instagram layout helps your followers to understand your product in a clear manner.

5- We will help you to Reach Untapped Customers

Just one fact for you – 50% of Instagrammers actively visit the profile of a business every day and if your fashion business is not having a proper plan for Instagram you are losing out a huge chunk of customers.  We can help you to reach your customers.

6- Building your fashion brand

 Instagram has its own speciality like organic traffic and functionality.  This will help you to build a strong and natural relationship between your brand and your followers. There is nothing  better than having a list of loyal customers.  Remember there are 800 millions of people on Instagram ( and growing) and you can turn them your followers as well as customers depending on your fashion product.

7- Proper relationship with your followers

Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter. We can help you to capitalize this advantage in your favour by simulating  more possibilities of conversation ( from followers to customers ).  This can be done with a proper communication plan with your followers ( answering in a proper way , liking comment etc. )

8- We help you to understand Your Customer Base

All  your buyers are real who are shopping from a virtual platforms. So, it is very important to know  and understand their mentality. Analysis of your customer and making plan according to them and posting in Instagram following that plan can get much better result. Creation of content which include photos, texts, hashtags all are important.

9- Appealing Visuals

One of the main benefits of Instagram that separates it from all other social media platforms is that it’s photo-centric.
Instagram is  known for  photos and videos as well as the way  you present them to your followers. It is really important to create a style for your fashion brand.  Your brand should have a distinct Instagram template so that everyone can identify and connect easily.

10- We create plan as per the data

One of the biggest benefits of Instagram is that you can take all of the information and data you gather from it and use it across all of your other marketing efforts.

Our marketing and designing of Instagram depends on the data we get from your Instagram account as well as your business goals.  We can also create a plan to redirect Instagram audience to redirect to other online platforms of yours such as Website, Google or Facebook  so  that your brand remain searchable.

We can ensure our hardwork on Instagram for your Fashion brand consists of a lot of hard work but the benefits of Instagram you will get are worth  our effort in the end!  Are you interested?

 Contact us today – info@fabusse.com  or brands@fabusse.com

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