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We at Fabusse acknowledge how fast the globe is changing and the implication of the internet to the fashion industry. We have a strong basis of online marketing strategies that most clients are constantly satisfied with. These top notch internet and online marketing services are best tailored for fashion designers, fashion bloggers and fashion retailers at very affordable rates.
With a wide coverage and contacts in appropriate marketing platforms, we readily market for most of our clients through the most recent and trendy means like social media platforms, SEO content creation, emails and online advertising too.

social media

Social media is the world leading online platform where marketers are heavily investing their time and money and we too have that piece of pie for you. We have strong social media presence, knowledge and connections too with the leading and influential people in the fashion industry and we are a definite boost to your fashion business.
We have the best techniques too in social media platforms that help improve your brand awareness. We have unmatched experiences in Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest, you name it, and we will have you covered. From appropriate hashtags to trend setting, we are most experienced in these niches. Knowledge of today’s fashion industry along with the knowledge of latest marketing trends allows us to produce something extraordinary for our consumers.


We are king in content creation that is tailored to suit most SEO searches. We offer content that will certainly rank high on most search engines and ideally Google. This is a great boost for many startups in the fashion industry that are trying to set up an online presence of their website. Our team has sufficient knowledge in SEO trends and keyword placements to get your content easily available to most searches.
Fashion websites are our most preferred niche since we have in-depth knowledge though we could as well create content for other affiliate websites too. We assure you of considerable and increased traffic to your website which will in turn augment the revenues of any fashion brands you might be having on the website.


Email a great and contemporary marketing strategy for any fashion business to embrace. We have uniquely invested in email marketing and we can create emails suited for your specific target market or as well for a larger target market where you intend to do mass marketing. Email is one of the most conventional ways of marketing that still works to date, and for fashion retailers, bloggers and designers, availing email marketing is an intellectual decision.
We take the lead in most fashion promotional emails and brand awareness through newsletters or commercial advertising to a mass email list and take your business to another whole level. With this, we market your latest products, offers you have and specific services you might be providing to your potential list of customers.


We at Fabusse are very much experienced in advertising creation as a marketing strategy that we use for creation of brand awareness, increase conversion rates and for gaining profits by various brands. We help our clientele with the creation and designing of advertising materials like banner ads, PPC just to name a few.
We have intense knowledge in advertising and we could assist your advertisement to be placed in the right and appropriate websites that generally fashion inclined to even attract more eyes. Our ads are always unique and fascinating that have potential to persuade the audience to click them and enter into the glamorous world of fashion. We understand that our clients are always right and we aim to infuse our knowledge in advertising and your ideas into a great advertisement.

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