fashion campaign

Most brands engage in fashion campaigns with the aim of introducing their latest fashion designs to the market, these is done through fashion shows, modeling shows, photo shoots, video making and others and that’s where we step in. We at Fabusse, provide services in such events by organizing them and ensure that they are unforgettable and a total success when it comes to your business performance.

photo & video

A picture is worth a thousand words and we are here to play a vital role of making sure that only the correct words are deduced from the photographs at your fashion campaign. We do this with our highly- equipped studios, appropriate models and well, experienced and trained photographers and finally bring out the best posters, ads and pictures.

fashion shows

Our clients being fashion brands, we like placing you at the top international market, such that when everyone presents there designs at the fashion shows, you will also be present to learn and also match up to the set standards . This is achieved by bringing together the best photographers, planners and also models who we will provide for your show to help you promote your products in a great market full of diverse potential customers since we know that is where you belong.


If you have the latest, unique and top designs then you deserve perfect models to not only help you display the designs but also promote them in the most admirable way possible. Therefore, we offer such models of any type for your show and one of the best as we can easily reach them with our years of professionalism in the industry. Plus, we also provide stock images of them and provide services of shooting and organizing fashion shows and with the quality with which they come with,  you will be certainly be at top rank.


Fashion exhibition are a great part in promoting a fashion business as there is nothing like managing to bring fashion in real life giving people the experience of the creativity behind the designs and meet the designers in person. We assist you in creating an unforgettable display of your designs, a stunning exhibition and greatly popularize you internationally. In addition to this, we can also arrange that our clients get to visit other exhibition for more knowledge about new designs and styles in the industry.

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