digital marketing

Our main focus in digital marketing is availing our clients with an integrated digital marketing service that infuses aspects of SEO, lead nurturing, marketing automation, social media, email marketing, MMS or SMS, television etc. They in turn promote a more appealing set of marketing activities that result in demand and growth of brand. Some of the latest trends introduced in digital marketing are SMS, mobile apps and WhatsApp advertising and we have invested heavily and perfected fashion marketing on these platforms.
We do diversify the target reach of your marketing teams which in turn diversifies the campaigns of sales teams to rate and grade leads that are more beneficial and provide highest returns to your business. With the three basic approaches, we effectively create and market your brand in the world of fashion.


Smartphones have revolutionized marketing and more so when it comes to digital marketing and players of the fashion industry gain the most. At Fabusse, we have a great team with many years of professional expertise that will create apps for your fashion business or place your fashion geared ads in relevant apps as advertisements. This may be in term of an online store, newspapers, magazine etc which will definitely be a boost in terms of brand awareness and market coverage. These applications greatly suit fashion designers, fashion retailers, fashion bloggers and other businesses related to fashion industry.


SMS has been revolutionary to digital marketing by the fact that a wide mass of mobile users receive the SMS. We create promotional content that we send as well to your preferred market through our various extensive contacts that are usually inclined to fashion. Fabusse will help you reach a mass market and deliver them with your content that might be your website or offers you have at the moment.
With extensive knowledge of the fashion industry, we have been offering these services for a very long time and make us your ideal business partner to any audience.


Taking over the conventional SMS messaging, WhatsApp has been revolutionary among smartphone users and many people across the world are using this communication strategy. With such advancements, Fabusse is here to leverage your WhatsApp marketing strategies and help you reach out a large scope of prospective clients and help in brand awareness all at a reasonable cost.
With the ability to send audios and videos, we can customize your content to suit your intended audience on a worldwide scope at no extra costs. We are professionals in creating WhatsApp advertisement for the fashion industry and sending them to thousands of WhatsApp users in a jiffy. Fabusse will assist your fashion business reach millions of prospective clientele for your business.